Sunday, June 1, 2008

Loose Ends

I've spent the weekend tying up loose ends on some projects. Friends came over for stitching and a movie yesterday. Had a great time. Finished up a floss ring tag for the gift exchange at the retreat next weekend. I got the idea from Mylene's blog. For my first attempt, it came out ok. The pattern is Love & Country from Sam and Sarah Designs. Theresa from my LNS helped me pick that and a few WDW threads with patriotic themes. To the gift I added a patriotic bandana that would make great backing fabric, the pattern and some buttons.

My beads finally came in and I finished my first reindeer, Blitzen. He turned out great. I got to show him off and let everyone ooh and aah over him. He's very sparkly. The fabric is perfect.

I also finally got the rest of the treasures for the Santa Sleigh Ride put on. Not the easiest thing I've ever done. The treasures with no holes in them, wreath and candy canes, are a little tricky. Then I went ahead and stretched it to get it ready to frame. While I was at it, I stretched the Love Crazy piece too. I have the materials to make frames for both of them. I should get to that this week. I'll post those when I'm done.

So I cleaned up after all the other projects to prepare for retreat. Have to decide what to work on. Got to be prepared to maximize my time and get as much done as possible. Still have to keep up with Jen.
Thanks for all the people who stop by and leave comments. I enjoy that very much. Have a great day.


Jen said...

You are amazing. I love the reindeer. I was inspired by your exchange gift and decided to stitch something for mine as well. I am so excited about this weekend.

Mylene said...

Hi Lisha, your floss ring tag turned out great! Wish to do a few more but got to work on exchanges, it seems exchanges are taking most of my stitcing time these days. Really need to slow down signing in i think!!!

Lynn said...

Blitzen is gorgeous! What fabric did you use? I'm hoping to do one of these this year.
Your floss ring is so cute! I think this is the first time I've seen one of these stitched.