Monday, May 26, 2008

Another One Lost

My parents came to visit this weekend. We had a wonderful time. We grilled on Saturday and took a long motorcycle ride on Sunday evening. We had to wait for it to cool off. It was 94 all weekend and humidity about 90+%.

I like to show off my stitching to my mom. She likes and appreciates it. A little too much I'd say. Every time I show her one of my ornaments she falls in love and I lose another one. I don't mind though. I always have liked to give my projects away. And I know she will cherish them.

Now I'm really behind on my "ornament a month" project. Those still count, right? She asked why I don't make two of everything. I guess I will.


Mylene said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

Speaking of finished stitched items, most of the things i sent for exchanges i love them and always promised myself to make one for myself but not much happened yet...
Have a nice week.