Monday, May 26, 2008

Another One Lost

My parents came to visit this weekend. We had a wonderful time. We grilled on Saturday and took a long motorcycle ride on Sunday evening. We had to wait for it to cool off. It was 94 all weekend and humidity about 90+%.

I like to show off my stitching to my mom. She likes and appreciates it. A little too much I'd say. Every time I show her one of my ornaments she falls in love and I lose another one. I don't mind though. I always have liked to give my projects away. And I know she will cherish them.

Now I'm really behind on my "ornament a month" project. Those still count, right? She asked why I don't make two of everything. I guess I will.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Getting Ready for Retreat

Only two more weeks until our LNS is hosting a stitching retreat. I'm pretty excited. Three of my stitching friends are going also. They all got to go last year but I had to work. So I'm pumped for this year. I have my exchange gift ready to go. I just need to buy some scissors to go with it.

Part of the Prairie Schooler Summer Breeze pattern

We've done quite a bit of traveling this past month. Nothing real exciting, just three trips to LA to my parents' house about 4 hours away for different things. We've done a lot of motorcycle riding too. It's about time for me to get a bigger bike. Everyone we ride with, my husband included, gets frustrated with me cause it just won't go. And it sounds terrible. But I like it.

I've done some stitching too. I finished Faith by LHN and I intend to do the whole scripture series. I like this one ok, but I don't think I picked a good fabric. It looks kinda washed out. The floss colors are so muted. I haven't decided how to finish them all yet. I'll probably wait till I get them all done and then decide.

Faith by LHN

I also like to crochet. Baby blankets for friends and doilies are about all I do. Have never tried any clothing. Maybe one day. I don't really care for doilies in my house but I do like to make them and think they look pretty. I usually either give them away or sell them on ebay. Ebay is where this one will end up too.

Lastly is a project I finally got to start. I have been anxiously waiting for my fabric to come in to start the Nora Corbett Reindeer. I have all 4 that she has done so far. The handdyed fabric my LNS ordered for me was forever backordered. The longer I waited the more worried I got that it wouldn't be a good color and then I would be stuck with it since it was a special order. So I finally talked myself into cancelling the order and picking a opalecsent white. I like it just fine. I think it makes it look like snow. I have also spent countless hours comparing beads and picking substitutes for all the Mill Hill magnifica beads and treasures. I just couldn't bring myself to pay that kind of money for those stupid beads. So I found delica beads are just perfect substitutes and much cheaper. I changed alot on this deer. I didn't like the color either. And I used a varigated thread for the greens that I already had. This one is stitching up really fast. They are not very detailed. The first pic shows how sparkly the fabric is and the second is fuzzy but is lighter to show the colors better.