Monday, July 7, 2008

Movin' On Up

Making good progress on Tigerlily. Movin' on up the body. I am done with the skirt except for the back stitching. I'll do that at the end. The colors and beads are so vibrant. The pic doesn't do it justice. All that's left is her head, arms, and wings. It should go pretty fast.
Hope everyone had a happy and safe Fourth of July. We hauled our motorcycles to Louisiana to my parents house and rode all weekend. It was pretty hot, but nice. I love to get out and ride. Don't have to really go anywhere. It's a great time to think about things, talk to God, and enjoy the scenery. We like to get on the country roads and just go.
Worked on the nativiy piece a little bit. Not much progress on anything else. Don't have much more time to do much stitching. I get real busy July 28. We start football practice. My fall is really hectic. Football, softball, and soccer. I have to cover and take care of all the athletes for all three sports. It's very hot in south MS August - October. So I pray everyday noone falls out with heat stroke. That's about it for me. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


TMA said...

not sure how to get your email at the moment...kind of tired. Anyway, I plan on being down your way at some point in August. If you aren't too busy with heatstroke, want to try to hook up for lunch or something?

Sharon said...

She is looking pretty great!

Srinity said...

I like that the flower is fairy's skirt. :) Nice stitching.
It's been quite cold summer in Finland but I hope it gets warmer in August when my summer vacation starts!

Clarkey said...


She is looking beautiful. Can't wait to see her when we stitch again.


Mylene said...

It is looking beautiful, Lisha.

Over the pinkeep(scissor pocket), yes, just add an extra piece of fabric at the back.