Wednesday, April 23, 2008


My My, It has been a long time. I didn't realize how long. I've been too busy stitching to blog. I didn't feel a post was worthy without a picture to see. I finished several all at one time. So here they are.

Christmas Poinsettia JCS Ornament Issue 2006

This was a very quick one to stitch. I wanted to do an ornament a month, but I am behind. I didn't get one done in March. I was working on my big project. Maybe I can catch up now.

Love Crazy Lizzy Kate

I just thought this one was cute and not Christmas. Christmas patterns are my favorite and I have a ton to do, but I wanted to do something more springy and fun. This is not a pattern I would typically buy, but it just hit me right that day in the shop. It was quick and fun too. I tried to stitch in differnet patterns with the overdyed floss to give some other effects. I thought it turned out pretty neat.

French Country Dog JBW Designs

These were quick and fun too. I did them three times actually. The first one I did with DMC varigated floss in brown, but the fabric I had just wasn't right. So then I got a bright idea. I would do one in brown/gold and one in black to mimic my two dogs. And I scanned the pattern in and flipped it so they faced each other. Then instead of stitching "Dog" underneath, I put their names. Too cute. I had perfect backing fabric for them too already. This was also my first attempt at the flatfold easle. Not too hard, thanks to Vonna's excellent tutorial. Here are my two babies.

Honey and Belle

Now for my most favorite piece. This was my first big Mill Hill design. I've done lots of the button and bead 5x5 kits. But this was much grander. I still have a couple of treasures to add that are on order. I substituted most of the treasures it called for. I didn't like them. But all in all I am very pleased. I can't wait to get it framed. It's even prettier in person. The fabric is an opalescent that gave it just the right amount of sparkle.

Santa Sleigh Ride Mill Hill

Thanks for stopping by. I love to read everyone's comments. Thanks. Have a great day.